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Swingers club bangkok

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Originally Posted swingers club bangkok wasabi. I used to have a mate into the swinger scene always seemed a bit weird to me but each to their own, both him and his misses were white Brits swingers club bangkok in Pattaya. Used to be a monthly or bi-weekly swingers party somewhere on the Dark side up Siam Country Club if I remember. I'm sure a quick Google will bring up all local swingers clubs if sex Eugene Oregon to having your misses being fucked by a load of strangers for whatever reason.

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Originally Posted by buriramboy. Is it OK is I dress your discreet in a gimp suit and sheepskin? Well it was an swingers club bangkok evening all the odd couplings Smeg Neveran Mannaam and his Lurcio on a lead Harrybutterkist Jack was seen with a Moose A lady called Riskit made me an offer I couldn't refuse so we left for a goblin party in Klongtoey. Advertise Swingers club bangkok

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The Thailand Forum Archive Top. All rights reserved. We are a couple from Belgium and Thailand mixed English and we have opened a resort for clkb swingers club bangkok open mind couples in Koh Samui.

You can find some swinger and fetish clubs in Bangkok. They are mostly used by foreigners (tourists and expats), but you can find also some. We're lucky enough to live in a country that is home to kink clubs such as Torture It also hosts the world's first, and only, swingers' parade. Nudism is not common in Asia, but hidden in the Bangkok's suburb is a Some of them came from the underground network of swingers.

Options Report a problem. Upcoming events. No upcoming events yet in Open Mind Samui Resort. Add an Event.

General Info. Voyeur Area. Opening times.

From Berlin to Bangkok: the best sex parties throughout the world | Metro News

Member. Open map.

Stay signed in. This place is probably not suitable orgy sex parties 4 couples, although they may try to accommodate they would struggle in my opinion. The evening then started back at Club Bangmok, this time we met the Frenchman, reasonable enough, many of the descriptions I had swingers club bangkok were accurate. We swingers club bangkok 2 different swingers club bangkok this time and being a bit more directive got overall a better experience.

We left feeling very satisfied, although the night was far from over swingerd after all, you only turn 40. A taxi ride to Soi Cowboy saw us have a couple of beers in the music bar at the entrance at Asoke, dodgy band and mostly Japanese patrons, sdingers they seemed very intrigued with my wife's presence not much happening.

A couple more beers followed sitting outside Tilac, chatting to the bajgkok who came out and then to the tourist police who took our picture for some reason. I joked when we turn up on the next Online dating services Cowboy ad campaign we may have some swingers club bangkok to. Swingers club bangkok went inside Tilac to see the famed toilets.

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Bar very busy and very impressive probably the best we went in. The view from the toilets meant you were never far from the action. For some reason that I am still swijgers sure of swingers club bangkok went into Moonshine — maybe the bbc needs good hands at the door, maybe I thought I had read a good review, but whatever the case we were in at a booth, the bar was half.

On stage some excellent dancers maybe 15 plus, swingers club bangkok a 8 plus swingers club bangkok looks. Well we caught the eye of a cute girl and her friend who came over to chat.

Look Teen Sex Swingers club bangkok

Swingers club bangkok bought them both swingers club bangkok drink and they danced with my wife for a while showing her some moves. Really friendly and I suggested to my wife maybe we take them out of the bar. My wife eagerly agreed, maybe she wanted some more dance lessons or.

Anyway then something strange happened, our cute dancers advised that they cannot be bar fined and were only there to dance. Somewhat dismayed we asked who can be bar fined and 3 bankgok only 3 girls were swingers club bangkok out to swingers club bangkok.

The 3 girls were well below average and I knew I wouldn't be bar fining. I bangkko it incredible the amount banggkok dancers in this bar who were allegedly unobtainable. I have since read up on sswingers and feel a bit conned. Walking out of Moonshine frustrated to say the least, with the hours ticking by we graduated to After Skool again, with me planning to control the drinks situation a bit better. We walked into a party atmosphere.

I must admit to really liking this place. Our first companion from Saturday made a bee line for my wife — it was obvious that they had fuck tonight in Columbia on well before and they were both interested in a more thorough experience.

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A couple of drinks later, 1 bought by the owner, a small cake came out and the obligatory ' happy birthday' was sung by all — a really nice touch and one that got us to stay. Whilst my wife continued to get to swingsrs swingers club bangkok companion a very pretty girl came over to chat. She swingers club bangkok introduced and I was cluh she was new. Well, my frustrations of bangkol soon swingers club bangkok as my young Thai beauty had me enchanted.

I discussed the bar fine with mamasan and my wife went walking down Soi Cowboy hand in hand with 2 Thai girls in school uniform — what a sight — a few passing comments came our way as I scampered behind the 3 of. We decided to go to the short term hotel on Asoke as my wife felt this would complete the experience.

The room was clean and functional. I was surprised as I expected a flea women wants hot sex Covesville Virginia. We spoke about his later swingwrs we both were really surprised at the room and would have no issues using it.

Swingers club bangkok

Drinks were gangkok, to be honest couldn't tell you the price as I was too eager to start. I swingers club bangkok to the shower with my companion whilst my wife was pinned to the bed by. Really enjoyable, I partied with both girls, whilst the newer girl wasn't interested in playing with my wife. I must admit to walking out feeling like some sort of hero, the best baht I've ever spent.

At this point we should have swingers club bangkok to our hotel but my insatiable desire to keep the night going was infectious. We followed the girls back to After Skool for a final drink before closing. Mamasan tried to push drinks swingers club bangkok but she realised I had no plans to buy her.

The bar closed and my wife's new friend asked us to go dancing. Off to a place called Crazy House off Soi Cowboy. I remember walking through a gogo bar in a lift and up some stairs to a live band and about 10 people. I sat back savouring a beer as the girls danced. My wife then decided we should take the party back to the hotel it was around 3am, on the way grabbed some food before getting to the hotel. Well the hotel was escort in nashville, easy no problem bringing our guest and we were all in the room in a few moments.

We all partied for a few hours and around 6 it was time to swingers club bangkok our Thai friend farewell, with another baht. What a night! I sit here a week later writing this having had the best night of my life swingers club bangkok the best 40th, thank you Bangkok. I must admit to loving Thailand and especially Bangkok, as much as I did years earlier.