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I was imagining a boyfriend who lived maybe a town or two away, ensuring we could see each other for a cuddle and what-have-you on weekends, but I could still keep the majority of my love someone far away for early nights with a book or watching The Real Housewives However, it turns out Cupid was listening and took my long-distance relationship idea a little too literally, as he pointed that bow slightly too far to the west of Northern Ireland.

About 4, miles too far. I am currently madly, helplessly and very-much-probably stupidly in love with a man who lives in Ohio, America.

Thankfully, Cupid has a good aim along with his wicked sense of humor, and said man is very much in love with me. At least we have that going for us!

Loving someone far away. VolleyballDS by VolleyballDS Pins. 6. Followers. If only you knew how much you truly mean to me If only you knew how. Sending love energy to someone who is far away from you is not difficult, it takes just a few minutes and can bring positive results to both sender and receiver. I've been through this. I currently live with my gf of 2 years, She's Canadian and I' m British and our relationship started with her still living in.

Falling in love with hays girls nude who lives so painfully far away was never part of the plan, and when I say painfully I mean it: Although they make for amusing anecdotes, I was tired and, in the love someone far away, I was frankly bored of the process. I had made my peace with my single status and was bobbing along solo quite happily.

We were friends. We chatted about our lives, our cultures, our opinions on the world.

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But very quickly, I realized there was nothing more interesting to me than hearing about his life, his culture, his opinion of the world. Very quickly I realized I was falling in love.

Sporadic text messaging through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger soon moved to frequent voice messaging, love someone far away developed into voice calls and, in turn, daily, lengthy video calls. Once more: Fortunately, modern technology helps to keep us.

There are websites like Rabb. We video call as often as possible, sometimes just leaving the video running while we get on with mundanity.

From the moment I see his gorgeous, fresh, 10 p. No confusing time difference conversions.

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No frustration at disconnecting modems. Someone has to. There is an added bit of fun — and sometimes confusion — with living in two very different places.

Sometimes it is bigger differences that take some adjusting to, such as the open-carry of guns, for example. Although the backdrop behind us may be very different, for the most part, everything about who we are and what we like doing is the same or complementary.

Loving someone far away. VolleyballDS by VolleyballDS Pins. 6. Followers. If only you knew how much you truly mean to me If only you knew how. Loving someone can be challenging enough. Loving someone who lives far away? That's a whole different ballgame. I used to joke with friends about how I'd prefer a boyfriend who lives far away: the less hassle and more independence I can retain in a.

And be a little more careful with what I wish. Top photo: Seizure Or Hangover?

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