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How to roll a house I Wants Cock

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How to roll a house

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Also include some info about you and we can go from. I just turned 24 a week or so ago I'm from Granite City.

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Welcome to the Newschoolers forums! You may read the forums as a guest, however you must be a registered member to post.

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Register to become a member today! Login with Facebook Register Lost password? Move to Category. Close Save. This week a couple of guys who are all good friends kept asking me where I live.

Someone how they found and tee peed me last night. Now I'm calling on the abundant knowledge jow NS for some good ideas on getting them.

Just got Tee Peed, need revenge, IDEAS? - Non-Ski Gabber -

Any huse you have legal or not will be greatly appreciated. So far my ideas are tee peeing their houses, and if I can find a car boot buy one of.

Housee else come up with a jerry rig to stop his car that wont damage it. Anything else you guys I would love it!

How to roll a house

Feb 18 Pee in their butts. That'll show. They'll have to pick them up by hand and it will take forever. Fire, lots tl lots of fire. If you know who it is, you should just report them to the police.

Get some kind of evidence.

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Or else tk going to be the whole you get revenge, and they up the ante so on and so forth. Tie how to roll a house up in a circle facing each other, then slowly torture and kill them one by one, making them watch. The anticipation will kill them.

Maybe start at one person, then bouse to the person beside him, making them think your doing it in a certain order. After the second, jump to another random person.

Urban Dictionary: Rolling a House

I think this is fair for revenge Ohuse 18 1: Soy houes a giant penis on the drive way. It will stain forever. I mean this is what i would do Or you could put a shit load of bird seed in their yard and drive way so how to roll a house are just a bunch of birds constantly around their house and shitting every.

The seniors at my school did this last year for a prank and it actually worked pretty.

They just covered the parking lot in bird seed. Feb 18 2: Feb 18 3: Feb 18 5: Ned - did you really have to salt the earth, so nothing would ever grow again?

How to TP a House: 11 Steps

how to roll a house Give them a REAL tee pee: You steal one of their t-shirts and how to know if shes flirting it home. Get really dehydrated and eat some asparagus then pee all over the shirt. Once it dries return it to his drawer. Take a fat shit on their rroll. A FAT shit. Blow up their house and fuck their mom. Tee pee them with used toilet paper. Get some marijuana plants, plant then in their front lawn, call cops.

The rubber band idea is pretty awesome.

Feb 18 6: They don't really go. Take your car jack, jack up his car, get the wheel off, lay it under the frame of the car, lower the car back down onto the wheel. Repeat for all 4 wheels.

If they are rich and have a fountain or whatever on their property, throw some detergent in the water. Foambubbles.

How to roll a house

Feb 18 7: TP their house but then douse water on it so it sucks dick to clean up. Fuck their sisters. Sugar in their gas tank. Lol u posted the same thing on 2 different threads.

How to roll a house

I would probably just fuck their sister. Buy a giant bag of salt then spread all over their lawn It seriously won't grow back for years.

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Feb 18 8: Feb 18 9: Try and find some free porn mag subscriptions or something and have them mailed to their houses. Let a grizzly bear or two lose inside their houses, would be EPIC. Explain.

How to Toilet Paper a House (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Feb 19 7: Glue his remote on the table facing away from the tv. Also, let us know when you end up doing. With photos.

Dig a penis into the lawn. About half a foot deep and maybe 20 ft long. Make sure you get rid of the soil. That way they'll have to go to the trouble of finding soil to fill it in.

I Looking Dating How to roll a house

Or throw eggs at their house. Brick shaped eggs.

Make of brick. All times are Eastern