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How to make someone feel your love I Wanting Swinger Couples

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How to make someone feel your love

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How to make someone feel your love I Am Wanting Sex Contacts

Do you have a person that is extra special in your life? Want to give them an idea of just how special they are? Make time. Listen to the full story and ask questions.

Listen to them vent without solving the problem unless they want you to! Listen to what they are really trying to tell you. Listen with your undivided attention.

Send something handwritten. No one seems to do this anymore. It can be a thank you note, a birthday card, or a letter just. Return their calls if ohw missed.

6 Ways to Make Someone Fall in Love with You - wikiHow

Go on an adventure. Set aside a day or a weekend to spend time. Invite them along somewhere that neither of you has. Share yyour memory that you have of. Let them know that the way they feel or the way they see a situation is real and understandable. Get them out of the house on a beautiful day. Let them know that it made you think of.

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Take pictures. Splurge on professional pictures, hop in the photo booth at the mall, or whip out the camera for an impromptu photo shoot. Go with them on their quest to find the perfect pair of jeans. Or shoes. Or sunglasses.

How to make someone feel your love

Or…you get the idea. Remember their important days. What is their favorite holiday? What is the day that they start a new job? Make an effort to remember and check in with them on the important days in their life.

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Let it be about. Let the day, the story, the situation be about.

Support them in their goals and aspirations. Do all of this and ask for nothing in return but true friendship and caring.

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Leave a comment and share how you make your person feel special. Leslie is a writer and artist who hopes to leave the world a little brighter than she found it.

Her people are soul-searchers, deep feelers, and big-hearted dreamers that crave inner peace and inner truth. Download her free ritual for receiving to bring true healing, inner peace, and lasting joy into your life.

I love Wayne Dyer! Do you allow your Inner Light and Truth to guide you or do you allow Fear […].

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