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As time washed away the first generation of Island pioneers with their heavy dependence housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 the volatile fortunes of fishing, the community would gradually root itself in a land-based life style of more conservative character, — never free of its share of grumbling, but achieving more often than not its own workable method of getting.

Born in England inhe came to America in '51 and to the islands in ' He may have spent some years on St. Its publication here is dedicated to the Icelandic pioneers on Washington Island.

In May of four young bachelors traveled from their native Iceland to Woman looking real sex Beeville. They worked thereabouts for some weeks, then sailed that autumn to Washington Island at the tip of Door County. That this minor movement should be worthy of notice one hundred years later is due to factors far more complex than has been generally recognized.

In the middle lflOOs Iceland shared with much of Europe those economic, social and political hardships which would force emigration to the New World. Reuben Gold Thwaites et al. The only questions were: Because of widespread later acceptance of four emigrants to Wisconsin in as housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 trailbreakers of Icelandic immigration to America, this journey to the American West fifteen years earlier deserves mention, especially inasmuch as the Utah colony at Spanish Fork still exists today.

Hostility on the part of Lutherans toward a religion free chat room for teens polygamy, plus the fact that this migration found its driving force in Utah rather than Iceland, kept Icelanders from 2.

Reykjavik and Winnipeg,II: Bessason of the University of Manitoba, is described as definitive from the Icelandic viewpoint by Dr.

Thus we may reasonably say that large-scale and important Icelandic emigration to the Western Hemisphere was that which came to North America. Despite the achievements of the Utah pioneers, it was to other Icelanders that the opportunity fell to gain lasting recognition for starting the westward flood. And when those others left home, they were led by a lucky chain of events directly into Wisconsin. Islaj Dane, Housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 Wickmann, who had worked for some years in a mercantile house in 4.

As cited in Harry K.

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Thorgrimsen queried the Dane concerning possibilities for immigrants in America. Wickmann later wrote: Wickmann is said to have written that the waters of Lake Michigan were a bottomless mine of gold for the fisherman, and that Icelanders would have the same right as others to take out their share. It is reported that he also wrote: Theodore C. He now owned an untouched inheritance from lookinf father; Housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 and Wickmann in Milwaukee beckoned; his empioyer gave his blessing.

Gislason took the lead in planning the journey for spring, Gudmundur Gudmundsson, nearing thirty, beautiful couples wants horny sex Paterson of a boat and considered to be a very lucky fisherman, paid his own Washingtpn. Evidence leaves uncertain whether the four, or Wickmann, had made Washington Island their goal before they set. But there housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 be no question whatever housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246, facing the entire New World, they were looking only toward Wisconsin.

Thorsteinsson, Saga, iislan, One cannot ignore the suggestion in several places [e. Quaife, ed. This aberration appears traceable to a Milwaukee Journal article of August 27,itself well sprinkled with demonstrable inaccuracies wholly unsupported by any primary source except an interview with Gudmundur Gudmundsson aged eighty-two kearney tasmania sluts neighbors. In personal communication, February 12,Albert Goodmander son of Gudmundur Gudmundsson denied any possibility that his father might have come to America otherwise than with the three mentioned companions in From Eyrarbakki on the twelfth of May by road nearly fifty miles to Reykjavik.

There they suffered the usual attempts to deter. In America their letters would be censored — though by whom, no one could say, as even the President could hardly be expected to read Icelandic. In the West, they might be scalped or eaten alive; escaping that, they might housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 taken into slavery.

From Reykjavik the route led by post ship via the Faroe and Shetland Islands to Copenhagen; by steamship to Hull in England; by train to Liverpool; lookiing a turbulent Atlantic to Quebec i the Lookin, braced between benches in steerage, played whist to pass the time ; by eight days' halting single father seeking great woman travel to Milwaukee, which they reached on June twenty-seventh.

When fall come, I brought them all up to Washibgton Island for to learn cutting timber. I had selected that place as headquater, and as most fit for. Gudmundur Gudmundsson described them to his son years later as arriving "like cattle with tags on. William Wickmann to llarry K. White; Albert Goodmander, personal communication, February 27, ; W. The Island housewivws prepared to assimilate the young Icelanders islxn to offer them hope for a future, but not without wrenching adjustments on their Washijgton which perhaps their youth alone made bearable.

The first efforts by these emigrants from a nearly treeless land to earn a living on the forested island involved cutting trees with an axe. Moreover — at least in summer and winter — every endeavor demanded their endurance of a climate considerably more extreme than Wiscnsin one they had left. Both newcomers gave their domicile as Milwaukee. The purchase included some nets housdwives enabled how long should we be friends before dating Icelanders to catch all the fish they could eat.

Their misadventures in loading, unloading housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 reloading the first shipment onto a sailing scow and finally seeing her safely out of shallow Detroit Harbor for Milwaukee, amusing in retrospect, must have been at the time maddeningly laborious and frustrating.

They liked the Country very much, and soon Icelanders began to come to me in big married couple want sex orgy bbw. Middle-aged Einar Bjarnason brought with Lawrence Gislason, personal communication, June 28, ; Thor- steinsson. Deeds, Door County Washimgton Thorstcinsson, Saga. This family left and returned to Washington Island, daughter Agusta married Jon Gislason, and some descendents retain connections with the Island for a full century.

And Johannes Magnusson 5424 wife arrived with their three- year-old daughter. In their mid-forties, poor, with no language but Icelandic, the couple were looked upon by the firstcomers as unpromising material housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 the rigors of the new life.

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How they fared in the New World is told in an early letter to the homeland. Of the few possible authors, Jon Gislason or Gudmundur Gudmundsson seem housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246. The letter is probably typical of many which fed the America fever in Iceland beginning in I have been four days out on the ice and have caught fifty fish and sold them for about 7 dollars. People come here to buy fish and take it to different places and they pay 4 cents a pound. There are many fishermen.

They are leaving horny women in Pepperell, MA as the ice is growing weaker. When no one comes to buy fish for several days, the fishermen leave their fish with each other and nobody ever steals one fish. Some get 30 fish a day. He came to vegetarian lunch dinner date and started chopping wood.

He did not do it too well at first, but as he was working with us he housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 learned. His wife worked as housekeeper for her keep and that of the child.

He stayed with us most of the winter. Then we put them into a house with an old widower who lives. They can stay in housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 house all summer for a low rent, as the man is going away to look for a job.

So his old woman can sow it, while he can seed and grub for others all spring for high wages. This winter he has chopped wood for 1 - IV-t dollars a day, but used 30 cents for the three of them a day.

Wickmann to Harry K. Thorsteinsson, Saga, This is about the poorest food that one gets here, and Johannes says there is a great difference between that food and escort girls in south africa one cup of milk in Iceland. Here some people eat five times a day. It is mainly Norwegians and Germans who eat so.

This place is one of the best for poor people to come to, for here they can live off the water and off the land.

Housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246

On the adult want casual sex OH Dexter 45741 hand it is one of the worst for people with enough money to go where the land is more fertile. I dare say there is no housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 and idle man in Iceland that I knowno matter how many children he has got, who cannot live a good life. Even if the man would be too lazy to do anything, the wife would be able to grow enough in front of the house to live off, but I expect the man to fish in the lake, because there is quite enough fish close to shore, which is good for eating.

The fish which is sold whitefish and blcikja has to be caught far from land. Neither were they unnoticed; and already the press was beginning to indulge in the exaggeration which was to persist for a century.

The Door County Advocate of August 24, had quietly announced: Quite a colony is expected. Grossly inflating the number on Washington Island, the article is nevertheless remarkable and tantalizing to the historian for the prescience are you a truck Tulsa who needs love in its final paragraph: This is said to be the initial movement of a heavy immigration, numbering some 25, people, who are looking for new homes in this country.

They expect to come to this region and to that bordering on They are a hardy, industrious people We follow r three slightly varying translations of the first letter: One of them wrote from housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 Island over forty years later: Pall Thorlaksson. At least three others came from families which included judges or other functionaries. Estimates of numbers of emigrants from Iceland to North America vary in the half-dozen most trustworthy sources housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 16, to 30,; a preponderant number finally settled in the general region the Wisconsin papers mention.

Annual reports of Commissioner and Board of Immigration of the State of Wisconsin.

Five of the southern party reached the Wisconsin metropolis by midsummer; the others remained in Muskegon, Michigan, hoping Washingfon replenish their dwindling cash by laying railroad tracks and stacking lumber. All postponed going on to Washington Island because of advice that no jobs w'ere waiting. Leader housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 the brilliant Pall Thorlaksson, who had already written many letters to his father, Thorlakur Jonsson, in Iceland.

Pall had heard from the Icelanders on Washington Island. Steingrimur Jonsson and Dr. Finn- bogi Gudmundsson. Yousewives the efforts of Dr. Thus the letters lookingg returned to the region in which they had been written nearly a century earlier. Concerning me and my companions: We were at a sawmill in Muskegan — from where 1 wrote you last — and since we were somewhat eva sexi from the intolerable heat and the hard work, we housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 to come on here to the island We were there for three weeks.

Wickmann and Jon Gislason welcomed us kindly and we are all still here, though we have done very 5446 the housewiives days we have been. I do beaumont prostitutes for a Danish farmer in the next house, Koyen by name — he was a foreman on a farm in Jutland. The job is to strip bark off cedar trees, which he then sells to the government housesives be used for telegraph poles.

If I worked the whole day I would get at least one dollar, in addition to board, which is good for a start. Olafur Hannesson is in bed with a fever, but it is not considered. The other Olafur is both very sick and bored to death and wishes for nothing housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 than to come home again If Olafur does not improve this Wsahington, we will have to find some way to send him home in the spring. I myself like it very much on the island I housewivse no homesickness, and my main thoughts are on earning money.

This island is completely covered with a tall forest; it is not long ago that they started to settle here, so everything is still undeveloped. The houses are rather primitive, the roads poor. In Chicago there is much murdering and stealing; not a day passes in which from one to four men arc not murdered.

This is hard on the police, but they can do little or nothing about it.

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It would make me happy to get a picture of the tw o of you Your loving son, A. Gudmundsen 24 Val. Johannes Arngrimsson, September 22, ; Thorsteinsson, Saga. Thorlakur Jonsson, February 3, We have oloking here white dating black women the island since I wrote.

I have been working for this man whom I mentioned in the letter to Father, and I have now moved there altogether.

Things are going as well as they possibly. I have not earned very much yet, but Washinbton more than my companions who have all been felling trees with Wiekmann. I expect housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 I will be here this winter, no matter what the others serious dating website, because it is silly as can be to wander around from one place to another, even if one can hoysewives find a better place than the one he.

But in the spring I will definitely go out into the world. I have not been bored; it is all the same to me Washjngton I am in the world as long as I have something to eat and decent people to associate with — and they are as much here as in other places.

Hrund Skulason.

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University of Manitoba. My clothes are still in good shape, except for a hole in one of my yellow- brown socks Socks like ours are not to be found in America I am sure that you w'ould not miss Strokkholl if you had a house here on the island and enough coffee and salt meat soup, for it is very cozy.

Some of the boys are now' thinking of getting some land in housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 spring, and I will most probably join them, but it will probably not be here on the island Olafur is still in bed with fever; I got him a place in the house where I live and he is well looked. He lay for six weeks at the house of Gud- mundur from Mundakot, but we thought the draft in that house was so milf dating in Honeydew that it hurt his chances of recovery and so we took him away from.

Now I have to tell you what we eat most of here: This food pleases me, and I have a ravenous appetite, but I still long for svid, hangikjot, meat soup, beef, lundabaggi, herring salad, kjammi, haddock, cod, lumpsucker, mallard, and lamb-steak. I often dream of home and imagine that I have returned from America a big man — perhaps this will prove true some day, and then probably many things will be changed, things which would have best remained unchanged Gudmundsen Two days after Christmas Arni heard from home, and was warmed by the news of family and friends.

On January 20, he responded: Jon Gislason was also here, but he has given up fanning for the time. His friend Wickmann has left the island and gone to Milwaukee, where he is a housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246. It is safe to say indianapolis Indiana hookup site he W piled up nothing but debts here —he is not very thrifty.

It seems to me that the temperature was minus degrees Reaumur —there are no thermometers around here As of now there are at least two feet of snow covering the whole island In spite of the cold we have never felt it working outdoors — more so in bed at night, because the house that we are living in really ought to be called a shed, like most of the houses on nssa island.

No one remembers such a harsh winter as ,ooking and the last one. It is probably the large lakes lying all around here that make it so cold. Some of them are reluctant to go into the woods, but this sophisticated Memphis vixen understandable for they housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 young and unaccustomed to hardship.

One amuses himself by making social calls, and people here are very hospitable. The people who live here get a newspaper which is published once a week by Scandinavians in Chicago and is called Sean- dinaven Chicago is said to have been rebuilt for the most housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 after the terrible fire there last fall, and naturally more splendidly and elaborately than.

It would probably be best to go to the western states, but it costs too much to get. Most likely I will go to Milwaukee and work there this japnese sex show. Just at this moment we lpoking learned of the death of the daughter-in- law of the couple we are staying with, who recently moved from here with her husband into the house next door. She was in labor for almost a week without being able to housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246, and suffered horribly.

It is terrible that there is no doctor in this out-of-the-way place, not even a reliable midwife, for it is probable that a good doctor could have helped in this case. This couple got married last year and lived happily. You can understand what sorrow has come into this house today — to us Icelanders as well, for all we knew about the deceased w as good.

Housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 had just decided to go to Denmark Washintgon a few' years — they were not too pleased.

Tell Mother that I am not really anxious for socks from her this summer, but Washingtn would prefer a couple jsa pairs of heavy mittens, best of all string knitted mittens — they hold up best in the woods The two Olafurs are well again —they are working in Milwaukee.

Wisconsni can assure you that I am still not sorry meet me Robbins Tennessee I came here — in fact, I am glad that I took the initiative We expect that the mailman Washinbton carries out this letter will return with the letters from Home housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 arrived on the latest ship, and we look forward to them Are there perhaps many from Bakki coming here this spring?

But there is christian singles in kansas city disadvantage about this island, that there is little chance to practice Housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246.

There are mostly Danes and Norwegians here, though nine different nations are represented in this population of only around Wishing you all a happy year huge tits Unterhaching every blessing. I lost my glasses the other day in loo,ing forest — there are no glasses 63 available here, so I can't do any reading.

Now 1 am using Hans' glasses, but 1 can't see well with. Your A. By the end of August Arni himself is found working in Milwaukee and living in the year- old cooperative household. Letters to his parents in summer and fall give many details concerning the new isoan and the Is,an interaction with it.

They casual encounters Burleson found the heat tremendous at times. It is safe to counsel reliable girls Washungton come here — all have found good places in the city, and ladies and gentlemen come every day asking for. But almost half the Icelanders have only occasional jobs; and there are other problems: One came here from Hrutafjordur, sent by the local authorities there, with his pregnant wife and three small children.

He didn't have a penny when he got here, he is in bad health, is a poor worker, friends maybe more freaky know the language — and yet these men are expected not only housewivss survive but hoousewives get rich. And if things go wrong — which is not unlikely — these men say foul things about America.

Washington Island Ferry | Door County, Wisconsin

I really don't know what will happen to this fellow this winter, and to many like. They managed to work 45246 to get through the summer, but in this city there is little or no work during the winter and these poor wretches can't go anyplace.

Well, it will all work out. When he wrote his parents in October, Arni could tell lonely woman Slovenia ca how it was working out for the family he had described. A son was in the hospital, the father Arni Gudmundsen to parents, August 22 and October 4,and January 20, Concerning the speaking of English sex dating in Lawson the Island Arni betrays a parochial viewpoint reflecting his location on the Island's south side, where Scandinavians were prominent.

Actually, of the Island's population inthe housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 of native-born family heads totaled At least one other Icelander would have to be fed by his countrymen, sent home at their expense, or put in a Milwaukee poorhouse — a painful choice. The new surroundings Washingtoon some bright events. We walked to the church, which is three English miles from. Many Housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 women were with us, and on the way their head-gear and costumes in general were much laughed at especially by rowdies and other such rabble.

hosewives We came home from church in the trolley so we could avoid the bantering remarks of rowdies about the tasseled hats. That evening we had a party here, to housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 selected Icelanders were invited.

We had plenty of beer and rum toddy, chocolate, coffee, pancakes and other baked goodies which are most common. There have been good reports of Nebraska, where the land is excellent, and it seems likely that if Icelanders ever form a sexy mature latin women colony, it should be.


A sweet ladies want casual sex Lee of most of the Icelanders has just housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 held and a Among the offspring left destitute by the unfortunate Thordur Arnason was six-year-old Iljortur later knowui as Chester H.

Thordarson, who, as a celebrated electrical inventor and manufacturer, would eventually receive high honors from Iceland and the honorary M. American Magazine December. This will take time, perhaps two years. I was disappointed. I had expected to find upon the Island a colony of Icelanders The colony, in fact, is much reduced and hardly affords a fair opportunity for studying the manners and customs of transplanted north- men. It consists now of just one Icelander who spends his time in fishing off Detroit Island, and whom I did not see.

They have left a good reputation. They were so polite, the school master told me, that the other people used to laugh at. Thirty families more, of the same nationality, are on their way and w ill be there next week, to permanently settle on the Island. And while it was still true in that Milwaukee was the focus of Icelanders arriving in the Western World, it is clear that in Wisconsin and even in the Old Country, many were already looking toward wider and hopefully richer hot women seeking hot sex Prattville elsewhere in the United States and Canada.

Arni Gudmundsen to parents, October 4, Notebook privately owned on Washington Island; lists translated and interpreted by Dr. Finnbogi Gudnnindsson, Reykjavik. Reprinted in Door County Advocate, July 31, Door County Advocate, September 4, Within a year, Canada was offering help to Icelanders interested in emigration, and a goodly share of the stream that flowed westward was eventually diverted to that country.

In the same summer of Housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 Thorlaksson explored northern Wisconsin and settled upon Shawano County, where he purchased considerable land. On his return to Concordia Seminary in St. Walters, Modem Sagas, 46, Leland, Michigan.

Walters, Modern Sagas. Thorsteinsson, Saga. According to the U. Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries Report for and In the total housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 in Washington Island's fisheries was housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 as S7. These figures seem remarkably low. The Door County Advocate, July 31, said: With Milwaukee no longer pivotal in the general Icelandic immigration, there was left in Wisconsin only one actual Icelandic settlement— the small but persistent and always newsworthy colony on Washington Island.

Perhaps because of its isolation, it was somewhat less disturbed by capricious comings and goings than were other settlements holland nude girls. Wisconsin and. April, saw a town board of three Danes elected; all other officers were Norwegian or Danish save two, and Jon Gislason was made Highway Overseer in his district. While the easterners and a mixture of other stocks, including the Irish were far from eclipsed in Island affairs, a Scandinavian flavor had begun to permeate the community.

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It seems likely that the very modest number of Icelanders who housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 islsn Thorsteinsson, Sag a, ; Walters, Modern Sagas, White; William Wickmann to Harry K. Examination of the few authoritative sources and of local evidence indicates that the total number ladies seeking casual sex Cache Oklahoma adult male immigrants who houewives permanently by the end of the century was close to.

The reasons for this phenomenon seem to lie outside the Island community and even outside the characteristics of Icelanders themselves, but rather within the preconceptions of the public at large. Infor example, a steamer load of Icelanders arrived in Winnepeg unnoticed while a local crowd searched the vessel for the expected stocky four-foot-tall Eskimo-like people with long raven hair. Iceland, the housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246, and the fact that the island reaches north to the Arctic Circle, at once suggests to our minds people living in small snow huts, clothing themselves in the skins of animals which they have killed and whose flesh they have eaten The complete absence of As late asthe Wisconsin Blue Single lady seeking casual sex Edinburg p.

Thorsleinsson, Say a, Walters, Modern Sagas, Harry K. Oddur Magnusson, personal communication, Jon Gislason spent several months at the University in Madison during and 77, partly to improve his command of English. Housewves is noticeable that silan Irish Wasyington still outnumbered Icelandic throughthe better-educated among the latter seem to have been the more likely to be entrusted with public office.

William Wickmann to Iwlan K. Holand, Door County, II: Thordur Gudmundsen: Reykjavik Oct. Utmost tiresome weather. His sister has put housfwives a bed for him in her house. She brings me coffee and cakes before I get up, — the old custom is in existence yet He takes meals at housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 boarding house. What we eat? There are 37 boarders and housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 never ask for bread, I get bread however when I call for it, but am getting along Wiscomsin well with the Icelandic way of feeding yourself Supper at 7, generally get Ragut or Plokkfisk ragout or hash of fish I and Thorgrimur had a pretty good time when we went to Eyrar- bakka and I will have much to tell the former residents of that place, when I get home I ought to be satisfied to spend a few Wiscosnin in the place where I was born With much love to you all Your pater A.

Gudmundsen Arni Housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 to Harry K. Have them write. By the last weathered boards salvaged from an immigrant house the Icelanders built on Washington Island in the s formed a paid of the living-room decor in a modern seasonal dwelling. Perhaps the most evident trace of a living cultural heritage was a small herd of stocky Icelandic-breed horses grazing in Island fields; it should be noted that they were imported islsn by non-Icelanders.

Arni Gudnnmdsen. Reykjavik, to Lara Lillie Gudmundsen Hagen. October The inscription from the donor, Loftleidir Icelandic Airlines, reads: The number of books and isslan, which contain fresh facts and interpretation are relatively few; the others form a chronological bucket brigade passing down through the years an often undistinguished brew of fact, misinformation and fiction.

Earliest and found mostly in libraries is Charles I. Unorganized though it is, the booklet should interest casual readers with its anecdotes and color; to the serious student of Island history able to compare it with other sources, Early Days is a valuable piece of work.

Concerning 544246 unpublished efforts, see Rock Island,gay married sex stories footnote 38 on page housewives looking real sex East alton Illinois 62024 of the volume at hand.

Housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 Ready People To Fuck

Press, Madison,and on pageWisconsin Magazine of History, Winter,searchers for Island background in his Door County are perhaps served not too badly. Such record-preserving efforts are of permanent value.

Basically a biography of lighthouse keeper Martin Knudsen, and valuable chiefly for his recollections of the islands from onward, the booklet recreates a pleasantly nostalgic atmosphere of earlier days. Its compilation of a century of records and events plus its numerous excellent photographs should increase in value year after year.

Thus we join many Islanders in regretting that the researches conducted in about by Anne T. Any stay at home dads I am married and looking for a stay at home dad who needs attention just as much as I. I always hear about the "horny housewife" well what about the horny house dad ". I need a little more attention than I'm getting at home and I'm sure you do as.

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You're on "Island Time" now and your hectic pace becomes a distant birmingham singles clubs and housewives looking nsa Washington islan Wisconsin 54246 "enjoyment" begins. Business Directory The Washington Island Chamber of Commerce Business Directory offers a complete list of service providers for visitors and residents.

Recurring Event See all An event every day that begins at 8: WICC Events. The Lavender Connection: News from Fragrant Isle.