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Happy ending massage forum

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Mutual masswge 45 (fmcc) 45 I am a wonderful intelligent honest addiction free Caucasian few extra pounds female searching for you. I'll bring the groceries, you supply the kitchen. I am seeking for Mrs Right.

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At this point I was like "aw shit" so I uncovered it and guided happy ending massage forum hand to my raging boner.

At this point she started rubbing it and measuring it with her fingers and giggling and saying "Big! This went on for about 10 mins. It was pretty good but I was definitely in disbelief for most of it. Did not see that coming LOL. Anyways so after Housewives wants hot sex Bergen finished I asked her "how much" and she just laughed.

I don't know if it was free or not, but either way Happy ending massage forum gave her a huge tip. Yes, that was a double entendre. The Last Emperor Member. Sep 21, 4, 0 0.

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We don't believe you You need more people. Dec 6, 4, 23 The Last Emperor said: Crud Banned.

Oct 1, 3, 0 0. Jun 9, 18, 1, 29 www.

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You gave her a tip for exemplary service. May 10, 2, 0 0.

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Jun 3, 3, 1 0. Aug 28, 11, 81 Happy ending massage forum were being filmed. Jan 26, 0 0. Semi-chubbed over. DeathyBoy Banned. Jun 17, 11, 0 0. Bare Grills Member. Sep 6, 1, 0 0.

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Pics or it didn't happen. Feb 21, 11, 0 1, Bioshock.

Exokell Banned. May 19, 1, 0 0. I fucking hate hand jobs. Happy ending massage forum saddest shit ever becuase its never as good foruk how I jerk. Scooby Member. May 27, 0 0 Oakland, CA. Kurita Member. Feb 23, 17, 0 0 La France! I'll wait for the proof on xvideos. Jzero Member. Nov 1, 12, 0 0. Nov 10, 5, 0 0.

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Hmm, not sure bout the finger to the ass. Happy ending massage forum, only handjob? Reverend Funk Comfy Penetration. Jan 27, 5, 0 0. The Abominable Snowman Member. Sep 23, 14, 2 1, When I receive a handjob, I am the one getting paid. Linkyn Member. Jun 1, 5, 0 0. Whiteman's rule? Exokell said: Scooby said: Sep 6, 8, 3 Malaysia boingbb. Nice work but u sure it was her that fingered you in the ass?

Linkyn said: LegalEagleMike Member. May 16, 5, 0 happy ending massage forum.

Thezez Banned. Oct 24, 0 0 Auckland, New Zealand. How high were you? You sure you weren't just jacking it in an alley somewhere while a hobo rubbed you? Kuro Member.

Originally Posted by 80skeys So if happy ending massages aren't a big deal, then why the ladies don't want to tell their family, friends and. GLBT Travelers - Happy Endings and Spas - Okay, I'm posting this here because I'm hoping it will be at least a friendly forum to ask a question that. VERY high end luxury hotel in a major city, once in a hotel room massage. This feels like the Twilight Zone right now, still kinda in disbelief. So it was 20PM and I was sore as fuck, so I hit up a local massage place I.

Jun 12, 3, 1 GregLombardi Member. Dec 5, 6, 0 0. This thread delivered. OuterLimits Member.

Got an unexpected happy ending at a massage parlor | NeoGAF

Apr 25, 2, 1 Virginia. MJFJD said: Thezez said: Apr 24, 7, 0 PROh1bited Banned. Feb 6, 4, 0 0 Canada. You should submit this to Penthouse Letters. Top tier material. Would read.

Sep 13, 12, 9 Home. Messofanego Banned. Oct 31, 46, happy ending massage forum 0 UK twitter. Unexpected even though you guided that shit? Were you also high when you made that thread title? Yes, many times. Things got a bit sticky happy ending massage forum it ended as expected, I was happy with that. Loving your threads.

Sexual massage - "Happy ending massage was great at first"

No, but sometimes I wish I. Mudbox Posts: I massage my head if I get a headache Mustabuster Posts: I email one to everybody at work on Fridays.

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DaisyBill Posts: I love a nice happy ending. I hate those films where everyone dies at the end. DaisyBill wrote: Confused at this thread!

Debrajoan Posts: Visiting a prostitute who pretends to be a bona fide masseuse? DarthFader Posts: Mudbox wrote: I think a 'happy end' in this case is when a man goes to a massage parlour, and they end up happy ending massage forum sex. James Frederick Posts: I doubt there's much pretence going on.

I Look For Sex Date Happy ending massage forum

I imagine people know what they re going to get when they go. Elyan Posts: What's the point in having the massage?

Or does it even happen?

GLBT Travelers - Happy Endings and Spas - Okay, I'm posting this here because I'm hoping it will be at least a friendly forum to ask a question that. VERY high end luxury hotel in a major city, once in a hotel room massage. Is it even possible to have an forum/email 'happy ending'? I mean, I'm not an oxbridge graduate or a politician or anything like that so I'm not. When I was at university, I – like many students – had a zest for life, a jam-packed social calendar and not a lot of money. Desperate for a bit of.