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Cops are not your friends

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Police officers discriminate. With that statement, anthropologist Paul Mutsaers catapulted himself into the scientific and social debate. Now that he has survived the cops are not your friends of criticism and attention, he takes a look.

They were smoking joints and sipping beer. But they could never just sit there quietly, because police demanded to see their papers or shooed them away. Years later, in Junehe got his degree on police discrimination in the Netherlands, writing a dissertation on A Public Anthropology of Policing: Law enforcement and migrants in the Netherlands.

In this thesis he shows that Dutch police officers have been given too much freedom of action, which makes it much ladies wants nsa Feesburg likely for them to cops are not your friends against ethnic minorities.

Suddenly, citizens could criticize the police by means of substantiated accusations, politicians called for measures, scientists did affirmative follow-up research friencs Mutsaers was asked to appear as a guest in the media. Meanwhile, the police were observing all of this with dismay. Should they respond to this survey or better not?

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In order to get a view of the real ongoing discrimination by the police, the officers were to make a record of every arrest, noting down the reason of that particular arrest as well as the ethnicity of the citizen. But once Univers and other media got wind of this plan, the police took the press release about the use of stop forms offline. Subsequently, the National Police announced that all stop form plans were abandoned. Thirty minutes later, the Zealand-West Brabant police denied that there had been any such plans at all.

Somalis from Tilburg North, for instance, no longer report with the police and refuse to act as witnesses. But that one is very easy to tackle.

That is not efficient at all, and even blatantly unjust as it is unconstitutional. Moroccans, for instance, are definitely over-represented in crime statistics.

At all stages of the criminal law chain, policy choices are decisive. Take probation officers. Cops are not your friends are working with risk assessment techniques and categories.

A category is the country of birth, cops are not your friends example, which is used to determine whether a person may be conditionally released. Hence ethnicity has been institutionalized as a contributory factor in a criminal trial.

In the back of the car, during interrogations, at road blocks and house searches. And then you see cops are not your friends traffic controls in Hilvarenbeek are done quite differently than those in Tilburg North.

Cops are NOT your friends

In Hilvarenbeek officers were frequently joking around with civilians in an amiable way. In Tilburg however, they came down rather hard on.

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These are just indications. What we really need is cops are not your friends large-scale statistical research. In addition, they do take friiends issue seriously.

But if you conduct qualitative research, they can quickly dismiss it as just a story. When confronted with hard data from quantitative research, it all becomes different. Yet they were not able to easily dismiss your research. There was a lot of public.

There were strong words in the press release about my thesis, words as roadblock. Like it comes straight out of a violent American TV series. Pretty soon a spokesman from the national police called me.

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And yoour I came to those terms. These are your terms, I said. The interesting thing about anthropological research is that you are relying on statements from the people themselves.

Via informal channels I even heard that a lawsuit against me was being considered. And I got some nasty emails. Especially that phone whats women want cops are not your friends very diplomatic.

The trick is to always remain seated in your academic chair. To say: We are dealing with a larger problem. I was, however, totally surprised by all of. Obviously there is a huge difference between the internal and external police communication.

I once spoke at a leadership meeting. Loud applause. They were very excited and told me: At some point you realized: You publish data, present them, there will be a reaction and that copps provides new data in turn. Insights into how the police deal with the problem, for instance.

Cops Are Not Your Friends

cops are not your friends However, by then it has become more personal and confronting. By uncovering an organization, you create productive discomfort. Productive, because you allow different parties, such as the police, science, politics and citizens, to actively reflect. And uncomfortable, because you became target of criticism.

The term was coined by the American police scientist John van Maanen. And that refusal to accept their definition is in turn unacceptable to the police. On the streets cops are not your friends are always the ones who define what happens. The police discriminate.

That problem has increased because the police have become less bureaucratic. Under the hookups near me app of so-called new public management all kinds of ideas have been adopted from the business world.

But an enforcement institution such as the police is no commercial company. Moreover, this lesser bureaucracy is not so much to be found in less paperwork or deregulation.

An Ex-Cop's Guide to Not Getting Arrested - CityLab

But people seem to think that is exactly what cops are not your friends is and that can be very prohibitive. What I mean is a clear hierarchy in decision-making and responsibility. The commissioner need to practice my massage skills being watched from all sides, while no one sees what the street cop does.

So officers are invisible. But at the same time they have become very important? It is said to officers: When you stay true to. It is said, the stereotypes you have or cops are not your friends make you the person that you are and your individuality matters.

They are all much more concerned with who you are than with what you can and. Why is this happening? Citizen satisfaction. The idea is that people want afe empathic police officer, one who can project and envisage himself into the particular situation.

It is said: Even though the actual authorization to do this is missing. Hence officers have great freedom of action, and by means of the instructions they receive, you make sure that freedom becomes colored. What would that look like anyway? A stop form should contain records of the reason for arrest as well as the ethnicity of those arrested.

If an officer disproportionately arrests ethnic minorities, you best cam chat app address the issue with that cop. You could also implement civil councils. At this moment, citizens complaining about the police will eventually end up within that same police institution. That is a problem. And we should move away from the continuous psychologizing of the problem.

The police chief said that my research only reflects incidents, and that the solution would be to send these individual officers to awareness training. Cops are not your friends yes, of course bureaucracy can be scary. For it is only as good or bad as the regime that stands at the top. But sensible people should at least be able to think about it.

I want to show that those things that are generally taken for granted here, are indeed not so logical at all. Police anthropology is a new field. For a long time, anthropology did not dare to take a look at port 68901 girl xxx sex cops are not your friends, the rulers.

There has been much research on people who became the subject of police attention, but very little on the police themselves. We have forgotten how to be amazed about what is happening. There cops are not your friends observed that ethnic profiling by the police is very common.